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About Us

The Theological Research Institute was founded in 2009 to offer students and professionals a comprehensive and robust learning experience focused on the History, Philosophy, Biblical law, and Hermeneutics of the Jewish religion. We help students earn a college degree conveniently and affordably through distance education.

Utilizing the classical methods of Rabbinic scholarship, combined with special emphasis on religious humanism, TRI strives to bring a new and innovative twist to Jewish learning that emphasizes evolving issues, both past and present. Humanistic ideals of morals, ethics, and tolerance, based on the writings of the Pentateuch, Talmud, the academies of the Geonim and Maimonides, are underlying themes that form the basis of the curriculum and are integrated into lesson plans, and course work, highlighting the continuity of these cherished characteristics throughout Jewish traditions and to the present day.

The goal of TRI is to provide college-level coursework focused on Judaic Studies to a wide and all-encompassing audience, regardless of religion, race or creed. Courses in Jewish Humanities, Thought and Philosophy, Talmudic, Jurisprudence, and Biblical Studies form the cornerstone of course work. Instructors highlight the theoretical and practical applications of the traditions and contemporary concepts in modern society through classroom and online lectures. This program ensures that the students of TRI will have extensive knowledge of these principles and their daily applications.

The Theological Research Institute meets the requirements for code 1005.06 (1)(f) set by the Department of Education Florida,  Commission on Independent Education.

TRI has submitted our renewal application to the FDOE and haven’t received our renewal yet. The delay is due to COVID-19 process time and staffing.

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