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Bachelor in Judaic Studies

This Degree provides undergraduate students with a comprehensive view of Jewish thought, history and life. Our courses examine Judaism as a living and dynamic religion in relation to others in the ancient, medieval, modern and contemporary worlds.


Undergraduate students develop the ability to apply different methods and models for understanding religion, history and culture – crucial skills in both academic and professional settings.

The Judaic studies program offers students an interdisciplinary perspective on three millennia of Jewish culture: Jewish social, religious and political history; Jewish literature — biblical, modern and postmodern; Jewish thought; and modern Israel. The curriculum draws from both the humanities and the social sciences, and covers a wide array of topics including modern Hebrew and Yiddish. Judaic studies majors can construct their own areas of specialization within the major.


Area specializations include but are not limited to: Jewish communal service, history,  thought, literature and culture, and those that are individually designed.


Judaic studies also offers minors in Jewish History, Israel studies Hebrew and religious studies

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